Small bathroom with tile in Goshen

If you are remodeling a small bathroom in your Goshen home, you’ve probably thought long and hard about the best way to maximize your space. You’ve thought about the layout, paint color, and amenities, and now it’s time to decide on the right type of flooring. Here at Floor Coverings International® of Middletown, our customers trust our advice when it comes to finding the best options for their home. Today, we share 3 tile solutions to help tackle your not-so-big bathroom.

1. Choose Light Colors

Simply put, lighter colors are the best choice for small spaces because they help make a room feel larger. When it comes to tile, the combination of light color and gloss finish will help reflect light and add brightness. It’s also important to find a grout that won’t create too much contrast with the tile, which might darken the overall look of your floor and create a boxed-in feeling. Brighter tile is also a great solution for showers, especially if natural or artificial light is lacking.

2. Use Larger Tiles

Choosing larger tile will also help create a sense of space that is hard to achieve with smaller sizes. Large tile fills more space and requires fewer grout lines, which helps create a sleek and modern design. Many manufacturers make large format tile in a variety of materials, allowing you to be creative with different textures and colors.

3. Take Advantage of Angles

Rather than laying your bathroom tile in a traditional brick or checkerboard pattern, use angles to help increase the sense of space. Patterns with diagonal lines such as diamond and herringbone will remove the grid-like feel from your floor and trick your brain into thinking the bathroom is roomier. Just know that because patterns can get very complicated, we recommend enlisting the service of a professional to be sure your tile is installed correctly.

If you are thinking about installing tile in your home, call Floor Coverings International® of Middletown today to schedule your free design consultation! We provide homeowners in the greater Orange County, Middletown, Goshen, and Warwick areas with a great selection, expert advice, and professional installation.

Photo © sirtravelalot