Deciding whether or not to replace the flooring in your home can sometimes be a difficult decision, especially if you think a repair might be all that is necessary. Maybe you’re re-evaluating because you want to sell your house soon, or maybe you’re just looking to justify a design update. Either way, we’ve outlined some of the tell-tale signs it’s time to give your interiors a refresh and install some new floors.


There is discoloration and a musty smell that cleaning doesn’t solve.

Carpet is not meant to last forever! If you’re noticing your carpet just looks old even after deep cleaning it, and you’re still dealing with stains and odors—then it’s definitely time to replace your carpet.

You’ve already stretched it once before.

When your carpet becomes loose or starts coming up, you’ll want to have it professionally stretched. However, this is not a continual fix, as carpet can only be stretched once, if the problem occurs again it must be replaced.

It’s been in your home for over ten years.

Even under the best maintenance practices, most carpet shows its age after about a decade of use. The pile is matted, the mat no longer provides foot support, and the fibers may snag regularly or fray with age.

Your allergies have been acting up.

Over time carpet traps allergens and bacteria like pollen and dander. It’s a natural occurrence, but can end up wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers after an extended life.


The gaps between your planks are widening.

If your planks have developed spacing between them, they will start to move, pull up, and become unsightly. In this case, the wood should always be replaced.

Your floor is warped from water damage.

Once the floorboards are warped from things like water, there is not much that a new finish or sanding will do to repair the issue.

Nails are showing.

This is usually a sign that your floors have been sanded too many times and the wood is now too thin, all that’s left to do is replace them.


The style is outdated.

There’s no doubt that tile trends cycle much more rapidly than other flooring styles. If that color you excitedly picked when you were in your twenties suddenly doesn’t look so appealing twenty years later, then it might be time for an update.

There are persistent cracks.

While individual cracked tiles can be replaced or repaired, if you’re noticing that the problem is a persistent issue, that’s a sign your tile is simply nearing the end of its lifespan.

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