stone-look tile orange countyBathrooms should be a place of respite where you can prepare yourself for whatever happens next in life. If your bathroom needs a makeover or could simply be improved upon, then you should take that step! In doing so, you’ll maximize the respite you get from using the space. To that end, Floor Coverings International® of Middletown wants to show you how you can instantly modernize your bathroom décor.

Stone-Look Tile Flooring

In most people’s eyes, stone represents the pinnacle of luxury and refined ambience. This is especially true in bathrooms. But luckily, with stone-look tile you can achieve the look of an authentic stone tile floor for a mere fraction of the price of true stone tile. Many homeowners worry that imitation flooring can appear tacky or cheap. But modern stone- look tiles are made of hardy ceramic or porcelain, which are forms of fired clay, and possess stunningly realistic appearances that don’t give the secret away. In most cases, it would take an expert to tell the difference between ceramic stone-look tiles and true stone. This makes it easy to give your bathroom a ritzy feel without an overly ritzy price tag. You should know, however, that ceramic tiles might cost you slightly more than laminate or vinyl.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Tile shower and floors in Orange County BathroomA close second to stone in the home décor pantheon is the timeless option of hardwood flooring. But much like stone-look tile imitates stone, luxury vinyl flooring, or LVF for short, imitates hardwood and costs much less. LVF is a somewhat recent invention in flooring. It comes with an added layer of backing, which increases its comfort underfoot and also uses a more elaborate imaging process to create its final look. This means it’s a much more convincing imitation than older styles of vinyl. To make them even more attractive, LVF is nearly impervious to water damage, has easy maintenance and cleaning requirements, and is profoundly durable, meaning it’s sure to last you a long time.


Backsplashes are most commonly found in the kitchen area, but they can also make gorgeous additions to bathrooms and don’t have to break the bank. Some typical backsplash designs are colorful glass tile, monochromatic subway tile, and mosaic tile backsplashes. The right backsplash is sure to compliment your current décor, and might even become the new bathroom centerpiece. It will ultimately make you feel like your bathroom resides in a luxurious penthouse suite. This will especially be the case if you combine a backsplash with one of the above flooring options.

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