orange county eco-friendly carpet

We’re willing to bet that a lot of Warwick homeowners love carpet as much as we do. All the same, it’s not unreasonable to harbor one or two reservations — is carpet an eco-friendly choiceEcologically friendly flooring is a popular topic in our line of work, and we have a few tips to share with readers looking to have eco-friendly carpet installed in their homes.

How do you know if a carpet is eco-friendly? Today, the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Middletown talk “green” carpet features to spot as you hunt for a carpet that will treat the planet right.

Eco-Friendly Fibers

Not all carpet fibers are equally kind to mother earth. Natural-fiber carpets tend to be better for the environment than their synthetic counterparts, and sometimes they’re better for you too! Natural carpet fibers are less likely to be treated chemically with agents that can negatively impact health.

There are also non-toxic carpet finishes that can be applied to your carpet in order to create a barrier that prevents odors and repels liquids. Between the natural fibers and your green sealant, you can rest assured you’re carpeting the eco-friendly way.

orange county eco-friendly carpet

Eco-Friendly Backing

When choosing eco-friendly carpet, look for carpets with lightweight backing. Carpet backing made from recycled materials are easier on natural resources, and if you’d prefer additional padding, 100% cotton padding is the eco-friendly way to go.

Tiles, Tacking, and Recycling

The safest way for professionals to get a carpet adhered to the floor is by tacking it. This avoids using chemical glues that may emit pollutants. Tacking is one of the best ways to adhere carpet tiles to the floor, which makes them doubly eco-friendly, since carpet tiles can be individually removed in the event of damage. With wall-to-wall carpet, damage often means the entire carpet has to go, which in turn means more resources to replace it.

When your carpet has run through its normal lifespan, don’t forget to recycle it! A lot of carpets are dumped in landfills, and given that some carpets can survive for a couple centuries or longer, recycling can help to minimize long-term refuse deposits.

Floor Coverings International® of Middletown and Your New Floors

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