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People love hardwood for many reasons, including its elegant look and warm, welcoming feel. It can also help you increase your home value. And, when maintained properly, hardwood floors can last for several generations before replacement is necessary. Like we said though, “when maintained properly” are the keywords — and while you should be dusting and damp mopping the floor regularly, there are times when you need to rely on a professional to help keep your hardwood looking great. Here’s a look at what you should be doing in Middletown to maintain beautiful hardwood.

Regular Floor Cleaning

Day-to-day care of your floors is the single most effective way to maintain your hardwood. Sweep or vacuum your floor daily to keep it free of dirt or debris that can create micro-scratches that dull the finish. Once a week you should do a more intensive clean, using a lightly damp mop or wood cleaner. Be mindful of using products or attachments that are specifically for wood to avoid accidentally causing damage.

Floor Polishing

Ideally, hardwood floors should be polished once every two to four months depending on how heavily trafficked the floor is. This is because hardwood floors often have a polyurethane finish, which helps to seal and protect it. However, wear and tear will take away this polish over time, and when it wears, scratches and other marks can become more likely to appear. Routine polishing can help preserve the floor’s shine and prevent scratches from showing.


A complete floor refinishing is necessary about once every three to five years if you’re serious about the hardwood floor lasting for several generations. It involves a drum sander to buff out marks and then a total surface staining. Though this is a more intensive maintenance step and can take several days to perform depending on the size of the area, it’s necessary if you want to remove deeper scratches and other marks. With a new coat of stain, it’ll look like a whole new, refreshed floor.

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