If you think that concrete flooring is only good for industrial spaces and basements, think again. Concrete flooring is taking over much of the contemporary residential scene, with it’s low maintenance, low cost, and utilitarian aesthetic meshing perfectly into the ‘less is more’ mindset of modern interior design. While you may not be ready to have concrete floors in your living room if your home is cozy and traditional, plenty of newer construction houses are being built with the industrial design that makes concrete flooring come into its own. Plus, with the various paints, stains, and stamps available to decorate concrete floors, you can truly make your concrete flooring your own!


Pros of Concrete Flooring

  • Concrete flooring is incredibly hard and durable, meaning that it is unlikely to get damaged, no matter what it comes up against. Unlike hardwood floors that can scrape, scratch and dent, concrete’s surface will stand up to the heaviest of traffic. And while carpet can crush under heavy furniture, even your largest items will never tarnish concrete.
  • Concrete is incredibly low maintenance as a flooring option, so cleaning-phobes should enjoy the lack of work needed to keep concrete looking good. Occasional sweeping and potentially resealing should keep your concrete looking good.
  • Concrete is versatile in its aesthetic potential. As we mentioned, these days there are many different ways that you can dress up your concrete floors. With stamping you can add unique designs and patterns to give your floors character. If you don’t like the characteristic gray of concrete, you can paint it or stain it.
  • Concrete is a more sustainable and ecofriendly choice than other flooring options, if you’re reusing existing subfloors. Many floors have a concrete subfloor, so you would simply be exposing an existing floor rather than cutting down trees for a new hardwood floor, for example. Concrete itself requires little energy to produce and can often be found and made locally.
  • Concrete is a very affordable flooring option, and will fit well with most people’s budgets.
  • Concrete’s durability means it is a very pet-friendly flooring option. You’re dog’s claws are unlikely to damage durable cement. It also won’t absorb odors the way carpeting would, so it’s accident friendly.
  • Concrete is stain resistant, so as long as spills are wiped up quickly, it should hold up in most situations.
  • Concrete flooring is resistant to fire and bacteria, making it a very safe floor covering option.


Cons of Concrete Flooring


  • While the hardness of concrete means that it is very durable, it also means that it is hard underfoot and can be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods. Also, dropped items are more likely to break.
  • Concrete can be very cold underfoot, so if you don’t have good heating and live in a cold are, it can be uncomfortable to walk on.
  • Concrete has a tendency to absorb moisture, which can create mold and mildew. Make sure that your concrete is well sealed in order to avoid this pitfall.
  • Concrete floors do not fit very well with many traditional design aesthetics, and this could limit the areas in which concrete would be a suitable flooring choice.


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