If you are a homeowner looking to start a new flooring project or are just starting out, consider installing carpet flooring! At Floor Coverings International® of Middletown we offer a variety of carpet flooring options in a variety of colors and styles. We are a professional flooring company who are experts in maintenance and installation. Your carpet flooring will need quick replacement if mistreated. Ensure the quality and longevity of your carpet floors by following these guidelines.

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Carpet Pads

Carpet pads serve as an additional layer and are placed as the foundation for carpet flooring. These sheets of spongy material provide an extra layer of cushioning. More importantly, they protect your carpets against wear and tear from heavy foot traffic. Be sure to purchase a large enough pad to cover the entire area of carpeted flooring.

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Mind Your Step

A big factor in prolonging the life of carpeting is cleanliness. Avoid bringing in additional dirt and debris by placing welcome mats outside for guests to wipe their feet. Consider incorporating more entryway storage for people to keep their wet coats, umbrellas, or muddy shoes at the door.


Avoid Furniture Dents

There are a number of ways to reduce the marks and dents on your carpeted floors that come from your furniture. Find furniture pads or coasters to place underneath the legs of heavy furniture to minimize the impact it has on your floors. If you find yourself with dents try to regularly rearrange your furniture. You can also revive flattened fibers by tracing the edge of a coin against the fibers or gently iron them back into place. We love Berber carpet because of its durability and resistance against furniture impressions.


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Regular Cleaning

Always be sure to clean any spills or stains immediately to avoid staining and water damage. If you are a pet owner its especially important to regularly clean up after accidents. Plush carpets are often pretreated to resist stains. If you have deep pile carpets such as shag carpeting be extra cautious when cleaning so as not to damage the fibers. Regularly vacuum your carpet floors and work with a professional team for steaming and shampooing.

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