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The kitchen is one of the central spaces in your home. You cook your meals, sit down with a cup of coffee to chat with a neighbor, or use it for cherished family time. Kitchens are busy areas, and when selecting a new floor for your Middletown home, you want to choose a surface that takes in the following considerations.

Ease of Cleaning

Kitchen floors are often a magnet for grime. To avoid intense scrubbing, select easy-to-clean floors where a quick mop will do. Stains are another consideration. Busy Middletown homes with children and pets should seek out floor surfaces that are not prone to staining.


In busy kitchens with high traffic, durability is an important consideration when selecting a floor type. Choose a water-resistant floor with a surface that is more forgiving with dirt visibility. A new floor with durability features ensures you have a beautiful, long-lasting surface that holds up well with heavy wear and tear.

Style Preferences

Modern kitchen floors come with numerous styles to choose from. Consider a floor type that works with your existing style, be it rustic or a “smart” contemporary kitchen, you’ll find plenty of options. The color will factor in as well. Decide whether your floor should be the focal point or a complementary backdrop. For instance, do you want your new floor to be neutral or bold enough to make a dramatic statement?


Middletown cooks who spend hours in the kitchen slicing, dicing, and stirring will place comfort as a high priority. Tile floors are gorgeous but are hard to stand on for long periods of time. Wood, and other “softer” floors, such as linoleum, laminate, or bamboo, are good options for people who tend to spend long periods of time standing in their kitchens.


When planning your Middletown floor replacement, the cost is an important factor for most buyers. Measure your kitchen to get an idea of how much flooring you’ll need. This way, when shopping floors, you’ll be better equipped to get an estimate within your price range when factoring in delivery, old floor removal, and installation of your new floor.

Learn More About Kitchen Flooring

Whether you’re doing a full remodel or looking to refresh a tired kitchen, the floor you choose can make your space look brand new. With so many choices on the market, consider your needs, style, and budget ahead of time, and it’ll be much easier to select the right kitchen floor for your home.  Need some help? Schedule a free consultation with our team at Floor Coverings International® of Middletown.

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