Open living space with earthy brown tones and engineered hardwood flooring Middletown

When deciding which type of flooring is best, Middletown homeowners have many options. We know that it can be difficult to decide amongst the many choices – even if you have an idea of what look you are aiming for.

One of the most popular looks is hardwood. Hardwood floors are traditional, timeless, and beautiful, making them a valuable addition to your home.

However, don’t assume that solid hardwood is your only option! Even if you love the look of wood floors for your Middletown home, there are alternatives available to solid hardwood floors that may fit your flooring needs better.

Among other options like wood-look tile or laminate, engineered hardwood flooring is a common alternative to solid hardwood that offers its own advantages.

Engineered hardwood is a type of flooring comprised of multiple planks of manufactured wood boards stacked one on top of the other. On the top of the stack is a thin layer of “real” wood – the kind of wood that makes up the entirety of solid hardwood, like oak, walnut, or cherry. In the end, engineered hardwood floors look like solid hardwood floors on the “outside,” but are made of different kinds of wood on the “inside.”

Are engineered hardwood floors right for your Middletown home? Consider the following questions to help you decide if engineered hardwood flooring is a good match for you!

Where will you put the flooring?

Hands installing engineered hardwood on pink underlayment Middletown If you are looking to put the flooring in a room that is exposed to frequent moisture or changes in humidity and temperature, engineered hardwood is a smart choice.

Unlike solid wood floors that expand and contract with changing humidity and temperature, engineered hardwood remains fairly constant. Engineered hardwood floors are also much less susceptible to damage caused by moisture.

So if you are floor shopping for a below-grade room (like a basement) or a room where water is often involved (like a kitchen), engineered wood floors are likely a great fit.

How much traffic will the wood floors see?

If you are looking to put flooring in a room that sees a lot of foot traffic, engineered hardwood floors can be a good choice! Depending on the number and construction of the layered plywood core of engineered hardwood, engineered hardwood floors can be stronger and more durable than solid hardwood, meaning that it can better withstand the pitter-patter of frequent feet.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that engineered hardwood can only be re-sanded and refinished a few times. The veneer layer (the top layer that gives engineered wood floors their classic appearance) is thin and can only take a couple rounds of refinishing.

If it’s important to be able to refinish your floors over and over, consider solid hardwood flooring!

What’s your budget?

One of engineered hardwood’s greatest assets is its price – it’s usually lower than the price of solid hardwood. If you want the look of hardwood but you don’t want to be that spendy, engineered hardwood is an easy and oftentimes unrecognizable compromise.

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Open living space with white and earthy tones with engineered hardwood floors Middletown

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