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It’s no question that our homes can place a significant strain on the environment. Environmental consciousness is more important than ever, and many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their negative impact. Even small changes can make a difference; so today the experts at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY are going to share four ways you can make your home more eco-friendly.

Area Rugs

Hardwood floors add classic beauty to the home, but they are not always the best at keeping it warm. Placing area rugs on your hardwood will not only protect it from wear but insulate your home as well. Just a few area rugs can save you 4-6% on your energy bill.

Open The Blinds

Heating and cooling are one of the most significant energy consumption practices your home encounters. One way to offset the amount of heating required is to simply open the blinds. Letting the sunlight in during the day can assist in warming the home, and offset about 10% of the energy required to heat it throughout the day.

Keep The Water Cold

Did you know that 85-90% of the energy your washing machine uses each time it runs is going towards heating the water? By washing your clothes in cold water, you can not only significantly reduce energy use but also extend the life of your clothes. Cold water will reduce the amount of fading and shrinking your clothes experience in the wash.


When it’s time to update the floors in your home, consider installing bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, taking only three to five years to reach maturation. This means that it is a highly renewable, and sustainable resource. You can have the beauty of a hardwood floor without the negative environmental impact!

Get Started Today In Orange County

Taking the steps to make your home more energy efficient can have a positive long-term impact, and Floor Coverings International Orange County NY can help! To learn more about our eco-friendly flooring options, schedule a free in-home consultation. We are proud to serve Orange County, Middletown, Goshen, and Warwick and the surrounding areas.


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