At Floor Coverings International Orange County NY, we know Middletown homeowners are always looking for stunning, on trend hardwood and interior designs. This year, we will be seeing more people fall in love with the creative, unique aesthetic of patterned hardwoods. That’s why our design experts are here to share a few patterns for you to explore below.

Parquet Floorshardwood flooring pattern Middletown

Parquet floors have both appealing history and stunning intricacy. Decades ago, it was one of the most common types of floors and found in houses all over. Carpet took over the hearts of homeowners, however, and all of those parquet floors were covered up. Luckily, they are making a comeback, and we can install solid hardwood parquet floors with unique geometric patterns and layers. This nostalgic pattern fits beautifully with modern design.

hardwood flooring pattern Middletown

Herringbone and Chevron

While patterned hardwoods are still increasing in popularity and evolving, the herringbone and chevron patterns dominate the trend thus far. To the untrained eye, the two patterns look almost identical. But we know every unique detail is important for your design goals. For a Herringbone pattern, hardwood is cut into straight edged rectangles and installed in a skeleton-like pattern (a herringbone skeleton, that is). The chevron pattern is very similar, but the ends of the rectangles are cut at precise angles, which create a more arrow like appearance.

Diagonal and Wide Plank hardwood flooring pattern Middletown

For those who are more hesitant to stray away from the classic beauty of solid hardwood, altering the direction and width of your planks is a subtle way to achieve a unique pattern. We can install solid hardwood planks diagonally, rather than straight, for a twist on the traditional floor. This works wonders in making rooms appear larger than they are! Modern hardwood floors are also shaped by wider plank sizes.

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