spilled wine on carpetThe holiday season is upon us, bringing with it a season of family togetherness, dinner parties, and festive gatherings. However, guests and parties can sometimes mean messes and spills. Knowing the proper cleaning techniques for your floors is the first step in preventing damage to your Goshen home when liquid spills do occur. Keep these hardwood and carpet cleaning tips from Floor Coverings International Orange County NY in your back pocket so that you’ll be able to conquer any holiday spill with ease.


Of all home flooring materials, carpet is especially susceptible to stains. As the first line of defense against liquid stains, keep some absorbent rags on hand in all your carpeted rooms. If your guest has a mid-party spill, don’t panic! As soon as the spill occurs, just reach for the rags you placed in the room ahead of time and use them to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Then, mix a tablespoon each of dish soap and white vinegar into 2 cups of warm water, and use a clean rag to apply the mixture to the stain.

While we’re on the subject of carpet, let’s talk about wine stains. The myth that white wine will remove a red wine stain has ruined many a carpet here in Goshen! Don’t fall victim to this old wives’ tale. In the event of a red wine spill, skip the chardonnay and treat the stain like you would any other liquid spill.

cleaning hardwood floorsHardwood

Because hardwood is less absorbent than carpet, the immediate development of a stain is less of a concern. However, hardwood tends to warp when it encounters liquid, so just like with carpet, it’s important to act quickly following a spill. For this reason, it’s a good idea to store a few absorbent rags close to any entertaining spaces with hardwood flooring, too. If you need to wipe up a sticky spill, it’s okay to use a liquid floor cleaner, but make sure to dry the affected area thoroughly afterwards. We also recommend checking with your floor’s manufacturer to make sure you’re using an appropriate cleaner that won’t damage your floor’s finish.

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