Warwick prefinished hardwood

Homeowners in the greater Warwick, NY area love the look of solid hardwood flooring. Natural hardwood adds beauty, warmth, and a classic design to your home and provides a flooring that can last for generations. However, when you’re ready for new hardwoods, how do you choose between prefinished planks and hardwood floors finished on-site? Read on as our team at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY discusses a few key considerations to keep in mind before making your choice.


What’s great about prefinished hardwood flooring is the abundance of design choices available on the market. More manufacturers carry high quality prefinished choices in a wide variety of wood species and finish options, so you are sure to find the perfect flooring for your home’s design. It’s important to know that prefinished hardwood planks will have slightly beveled or rounded edges as well as seams that will be apparent once installed. While this won’t affect the floor’s overall performance, it’s not always a design that everyone loves.


Compared to flooring finished on-site, prefinished flooring is much quicker to install, saving you both time and money. Because the hardwood was finished in the factory, you and your family won’t be disrupted by chemicals and odors that require extended stays away from home. When it comes to the installer, be sure to find a professional who is knowledgeable and has previously worked with prefinished floors. Because they won’t be sanded and leveled after installation, it’s easier for imperfections and uneven boards to show.

Maintenance and Durability

The thick finish applied during the manufacturing process is undoubtedly tougher than anything applied by hand in your home. This means the new planks are tough and will last quite a while with the same routine maintenance as any other hardwood flooring. However, when it comes time to refinish your floors, it’s important to know that the existing finish will be challenging to remove. Depending on the previous stain and finish, it can also be difficult finding an exact match. Because deeper initial sanding may be required, your floors may not end up with the same characteristics as when they were new. However, thanks to their solid construction, you are still going to have durable, long lasting flooring that can be refinished multiple times throughout its lifetime.

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