Natural fiber rugs are growing in popularity amongst those in the flooring and interior design industry. These days there is so much emphasis on sustainability and going green, so it makes sense that ecofriendly products are becoming more ubiquitous. While when most people think of ‘green’ flooring, their minds tend to go to materials such as bamboo or cork, we think that natural, plant fiber carpets and rugs are a great option for people to consider as well. If you’re unfamiliar with natural fiber carpeting, here’s a rung down on some of the many reasons why seagrass, just one of the natural fiber carpets available from Floor Coverings International of Orange County and Middletown, NY, may be right for your home!


The first and most obvious asset that seagrass has is its relatively low impact on the environment. Seagrass is grown in paddies and marshes in China. These paddies, similar to rice paddies, are then flooded with saltwater. The seagrass reeds are then harvested and sun-dried, and the fibers are woven into yarn for things like rugs and carpets. This natural process has a very low carbon footprint, and works with the earth rather than against it, in contrast to the fossil-fuel heavy manufacturing process that goes into creating synthetic materials such as nylon or polypropylene. Furthermore, seagrass is 100% biodegradable, so after it’s served its time as your carpet, it can be recycled rather than ending up spending an eternity in a landfill. As a final ecofriendly asset, seagrass has excellent insulation properties, so it will keep your energy bill down, saving you money, and shrinking your own carbon footprint!

Appearance and Durability

Seagrass not only is good for the environment, but its good for your home as well. The look of seagrass and other natural fiber rugs is a very trendy and stylish one at the moment, and the neutral appearance of these sorts of floor coverings matches with nearly any décor style, including both traditional and modern. Seagrass tends to have a slightly greenish sheen thanks to its time spent in seawater, but this will fade to a lustrous tan and khaki. Seagrass tends to be softer than other natural fiber flooring as well, so it works great in bedrooms and feels comfortable food. It is a very durable material, and it’s non-porous nature makes it naturally resistant to staining and moisture!

Other Advantages

Seagrass has a number of other upsides as well. As we mentioned, it has excellent insulation qualities, meaning not only will it keep your energy bill low, but it will muffle noise as well. If you’re working on a budget, and assuming that ecofriendly flooring has to be expensive, worry not! Seagrass tends to be cheaper than its more common natural fiber competitors, like sisal or jute, so if you’re trying to be cost-effective, seagrass is a great option. Seagrass is also anti-bacterial, and it resists dirt and dust, making it both easy to clean, and great for people with allergies!

To learn more about seagrass carpets and rugs, or to hear about some of the other sustainable flooring options available from Floor Coverings International of Orange County, NY, give us a call today!

Image Source: By Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble (seagrass Halodule uninervis  Uploaded by Amada44) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons