Exotic hardwoods are an elegant way to design a room that is both luxurious and timeless. Though exotic hardwoods can be expensive, they also appreciably increase the value of a home. But there are hundreds of different types of wood and all with very unique aspects. The experts at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY outline the details about some of the most popular exotic woods that you might want to consider.

Middletown exotic hardwoodBrazilian Cherry

Also known as “jatoba,” Brazilian cherry wood is known for being extremely hard, durable, and long-lasting. These features can also make it difficult to work with — which is why it comes at such a premium. Though cherry wood comes in a variety of colors, it’s most frequently used in medium to deep red. Brazilian cherry has been a desirable hardwood for many decades.


Tigerwood has become particularly common in the past decade owing to its very unique and dramatic grain patterns. Tigerwood oscillates between very light and very dark markings — just like a tiger’s stripes. On a whole, it tends to be a deep reddish or orange color, though it can be found in lighter shades. Tigerwood is especially well suited for rooms in which the flooring will be the focal point.

Middletown exotic hardwoodSantos Mahogany

For a deep, rich look, there are very few woods that match Santos Mahogany. Santos Mahogany can range from a very light brown to a dark, almost purple red — and it is that unique purple red that is often seen to be most desirable. Santos Mahogany additionally doesn’t experience a large amount of color variation (such as fading) over time. It is not quite as hard as Brazilian Cherry, lending it more towards luxury applications such as upscale offices, dens, and bedrooms, rather than living spaces.

Brazilian Oak

As classic as it is dramatic, Brazilian Oak is prized for its deep colors and its natural grain patterns. Brazilian Oak is well suited to any home and any application. It can be polished for modern spaces and it can be scraped or textured for a more rustic appearance. It is very similar to Red Oak, but it’s much harder — which means it will last a much longer time.

It should be noted that hardwood trends can change — definitely decade by decade, and sometimes as frequently as year to year. It’s more important for you to invest in the hardwood floor that you enjoy, rather than simply following popularity and trends. Any hardwood will look “classic” if it fits a home’s style and decor. That being said, it is usually less expensive and easier to source exotic hardwoods that are currently “on trend,” so it can still be beneficial to follow. Our flooring experts can go over this and more during your free design consultation. We proudly serve the greater Middletown area and look forward to working with you.

Photo Credit: Artazum & Mark Berhard