Orange County luxury vinyl tileWhen deciding on what type of flooring to install in your new home, vinyl may not come to mind right away. However, technology has come far and there is now the choice of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). LVT is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners as they discover the many benefits of this new option. At Floor Coverings International of Orange County, NY, we want to arm you with the information you need in order to choose the best flooring for your home, and Luxury Vinyl Tile is just one excellent option!

Versatility and Durability

If you need flooring that will work in almost any room, including areas that can be affected by moisture, Luxury Vinyl Tile is perfect for you! This type of flooring is the one of the most versatile flooring options because of its ability to withstand moisture. You can spill liquids and not be worried about potential damage like you might with hardwood, since vinyl is very resistant to moisture and stains.


Speaking of hardwood, one of the best benefits LVT offers is its ability to mimic other types of flooring material. LVT can imitate solid hardwood, natural stone, and can even be grouted or left un-grouted. The ability to get the look of hardwood, stone, or tile, with the added durability of vinyl, and without the high cost of those more expensive materials, makes vinyl a desirable option for nearly any home!


While vinyl may have a bad reputation for being dated and cheap, Luxury Vinyl Tile is here to prove the naysayers wrong, with its new and improved appearance and quality. This type of vinyl flooring is of high quality that will hold up to the many demands of homeowners and a high volumes of foot traffic. LVT is perfect for common areas and entryways, as it will endure the daily wear and tear of household members, guests, and even pets!

Here at Floor Coverings International of Orange County, NY, we want to make sure you choose the best flooring for your home. Call today to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our flooring experts will provide you with multiple samples of Luxury Vinyl Tile so that you can see the benefits for yourself!

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