Orange County carpet clean

Every family runs their home a little differently. At Floor Coverings International in Orange County, NY we do our best to give personalized maintenance advice based on a customer’s lifestyle. One of the main things that varies with lifestyle is how often you should have a carpet floor professionally cleaned. While a good rule of thumb is once a year, there are some cases where this isn’t quite right. Read on to learn how often you should be calling in the professionals to clean your carpet in order to maximize your carpet’s life span.

  1. Less than a year.

Do you have young children? Is your carpet in a room where they spend a lot of time? Little ones can wear out carpet a lot faster than adults. Whether they’re spilling juice from a sippy cup or crawling around on the floor after playing outside, kids tend to do some damage to flooring. It’s a good idea to have your carpet cleaned every nine months or so while children are young. The same goes for pets. Dirty paws and unfortunate accidents can be seriously damaging to carpets. If you have a pet that struggles with potty training, we even recommend a cleaning every six months to ensure you stay on top of potential damage.

  1. One year.

If your carpet sees a fair amount of foot traffic, or you have older kids and well-behaved pets, a yearly carpet cleaning is a good idea. You should also check on your carpet’s warranty information, as these often require a professional cleaning once a year. If you have a warranty and you want it to remain valid, be sure to set up your yearly cleaning!

  1. More than a year.

If you don’t have a warranty and you live with another adult or alone, you can wait a bit longer to have your carpet cleaned. When a carpet is treated very well, a carpet cleaning can even be held off for two or three years. At Floor Coverings International of Orange County, NY we only recommend this for people who are very careful with their flooring and don’t live with pets or children.

Photo Credit: Syda Productions