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Maple hardwood flooring offers a traditional and modern approach to flooring design in Warwick, NY homes. Maple is a hardwood tree that provides a dense wood that is beautiful and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily living.

At Floor Coverings International Orange County NY, we simply love maple flooring for its versatility and think you should consider it for your next flooring project. Why? Read on and learn more!

Why Choose Maple Over Oak?

There are two main ways that maple hardwood flooring differs from oak hardwood flooring. First, maple hardwood is much denser than oak and that density gives maple a slight edge against wear and tear. Maple also differs from oak hardwood in that its grain is much less dramatic in size and color. From a design sense, the calmer pattern in maple flooring means that you can use it in larger rooms without the floor seeming busy. This gives Warwick, NY homes with large family rooms the option of having hardwood floors while still creating a place that is quiet and soothing.

Maple Hardwood Flooring Colors

Maple flooring tends to come in lighter hues, though it can range from mauve browns and grays to darker red-browns. Most homeowners are often familiar with the lighter sandy-blonde tones of maple and choose it for a minimal, clean design.

Maple is best used in its natural tones due to the density of the wood grain, whose tightly clustered cells make it difficult to stain maple in darker colors. However, if you’re looking for a durable and light-colored hardwood, maple could be the perfect match for your Goshen area home.

The light and simplistic beauty of maple make it a perfect hardwood for smaller rooms and hallways and for larger rooms where you want the beauty of hardwood without the busy feeling of a lot of patterns.

Maple Hardwood and Warping?

There is some information out about how maple hardwood flooring can warp in certain climates, and while warping can occur in all types of hardwood, it is not usually the wood that is at fault. Either the flooring was not properly dried before installation, or the installation process itself is the cause of warping. However, when you choose Floor Coverings International, you don’t have to worry. We partner with the top hardwood manufacturers in the country and only provide our customers with the best quality product and professional installation to get the job done right.

Find Your Perfect Maple Flooring Today!

Maple is a fantastic choice for wood flooring. It is durable, blends in with existing woodwork, and its beautiful lighter tones help to make smaller rooms and spaces seem more significant.

Learn more about how maple flooring in Warwick, NY homes and business is raising property values. You can take advantage of the free in-home estimates from Floor Coverings International Orange County NY and receive flooring advice specific to your needs from our design associate. Get started today!

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