Floor Coverings International serving Middletown offers both affordability and style with a linoleum floor. Linoleum flooring is made from natural materials, including limestone, cord dust, recycled wood flooring and linseed oil. With so many people going “green” in Middletown, linoleum floors are an excellent way to enjoy green living.

When it comes to the flooring in your home, you have dozens of materials to choose from. It can be a difficult decision to make, so it’s important to thoroughly evaluate all of your options. In Middletown linoleum floors are a great option because there are some important advantages to linoleum that many people do not consider.

With the natural materials present in linoleum, this type of flooring is also biodegradable which is important to many in Middletown. Linoleum floors produce zero waste and are considered to be one of the ultimate byproducts of recycling. In addition to its green-friendliness, there are additional reasons to consider linoleum floors as well.

If you’re looking to incorporate various colors and designs into your home in Middletown, linoleum tiles will allow you to do just that. With bright colors such as blue and red as well as neutrals including tan, white and black, you’re able to create a number of different designs for your home. Checkerboards, stripes and much more can be integrated into your home for a stunning visual effect.

Linoleum tiles offer more color options beyond those available with hardwoods, bamboo and other more expensive flooring. As all of the materials that go into the linoleum floors are recycled and naturally available, the cost of the flooring allows you to enjoy style on any budget.

In Middletown, linoleum tiles are also a great material to place in your bathroom and kitchen because it is naturally anti-bacterial. You can avoid mold growth if you miss a spot cleaning, and germs won’t spread as quickly in your home.

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