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Ever feel like you’re missing one final thing to tie the room together? Chances are it’s an area rug! These rugs can provide comfort, color, and creativity to any room. They are a great addition to any Floor Coverings International Orange County NY flooring option.

Area rugs are designed to cover only part of the floor in a room. They are easy to clean, easy to replace if you’re feeling like trying something new and can be like artwork for your floor.

There are a vast variety of styles and shapes available when it comes to area rugs. They are great for any room in the house and customizable in a multitude of ways to fit your unique space.

Benefits of an Area Rug

● Easy to maintain

● Easy to replace

● Great way to enhance a room

● Extend the life of the flooring beneath them

Area Rug Tips

Before adding or replacing a rug, consider the following:

Size. The most frequent mistake is getting a rug that is too small. The goal is to have all the furniture be able to fit on the rug. Plan out your furniture arrangement before purchasing.

Layout. You can divide up a large room by using different area rugs with a similar color or theme. Also, you want to make sure your furniture isn’t covering up the design on your rug.

Maintenance. Certain rugs only need periodic vacuuming, others need to be properly cleaned once a year. Read the cleaning instructions before purchasing.

Location. Depending on the room in the house, area rugs differ in size and shape. Hallways and doorways usually use a runner, while in smaller spaces, an oval or rectangular shape works best. In a larger living room, choose a large rug (9×12 or 10×14). In a smaller living room, consider a smaller rug (4×6 or 5×7) to fit under your coffee table. In the bedroom, rugs (8×10 or 9×12) normally extend 18-24 inches around all sides of the bed. In the dining room, if the dining table is rectangular, a good rug size is typically 8×10 or 9×12.

Revamp a Room with an Area Rug

Floor Coverings International Orange County NY can’t wait to help you meet any of your flooring needs. Whether you are simply browsing our flooring options or are ready to purchase a new area rug, scheduling a free in-home consultation is the best first step.

A flooring professional will be able to answer questions, provide a service estimate, and offer suggestions on which area rug would look best in your unique space. Call or sign up online today! We are proud to serve Orange County, Middletown, Goshen, and Warwick and the surrounding areas.

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