There are certain floors in homes where stairs are present that demand caution and extra care. One way to avoid the possibility of peril and enjoy the flooring of your dreams is to implement carpet stair runners. This is an option that will make your place safer by prohibiting slippery steps. They also lower noise levels and make stairs a comfier area for family, friends, and pets. Below are some options that the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY suggest for homeowners considering a carpet stair runner for their Goshen place.

sisal carpet in goshen


The fibers of the sisal carpet have an incredible toughness and great strength due to its thick, fibrous materials. Sisal has a distinctive color palette, including tans, beiges, and creamy whites. Its fibers are woven into a natural looking fabric that will compliment nearly any décor. It is resistant to static and is not very flammable. Sisal is considerably absorbent, acting as a natural humidifier, meaning it will stay cool on hot days. This carpet stair runner will subtly transform your staircase into a stylish and safe space.


Berber has a distinct braid that is made with bold, solid colors that set it apart from its carpeting competitors, combining the charming weave of the past with a modern visual twist. Where other carpets are typically left trimmed at the top, berber has a continuous weave and simplistic build which helps keep the price low. Its naturally repels messes, prohibiting foreign objects from seeping into its threads. This will keep stains from adhering and causing permanent discoloration to your carpet.

stair runners in goshen


Its build includes a shorter cut and a denser weave, often times being compared to a freshly cut lawn, giving this carpet a smooth feel that is welcoming to your feet. This carpeting is available in a range of qualities, making it an affordable alternative for anyone with a budget. Plush is built to protect and repel messes on the surface of the carpet with its unique cut and weave. This is the type of carpet stair runner that will remain blemish free even in the busiest Goshen homes.

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