Saxony carpet in Goshen area home bedroomWhen you think of carpet flooring, do you envision a carpet with dense fibers, cut pile, and a design that creates a sense of warm and elegance in any space? If so, you’re probably thinking of saxony, a highly versatile type of carpet that gives your home the classic design you desire. Here at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY, we carry a wide selection of saxony carpeting, and we think that you should know more about it to see if it’s right for your home.


Saxony is a style cut-pile carpet that comes in two main varieties: straight and textured. The main difference between the two is the direction in which the cut fibers are twisted. For straight saxony, the carpet fibers are twisted in the same direction, which creates a velvety, smooth surface. It has a luxurious feel, but the direction of the fibers means that this carpet tends to show things like footprints and vacuum marks. Textured saxony, however, has fibers that are twisted in alternating directions, creating a more uniform design that is less likely to show marks. When it comes to materials, saxony can be made of a variety of natural and synthetic fibers, including wool and nylon.


Saxony works great in any room of your home where you would normally install carpet. It’s great in bedrooms and living rooms, and also holds up well in high-traffic areas like hallways and on stairs. Because of the way it shows footprints and vacuum marks, you may consider having textured saxony installed in the busier areas of your home if you want a carpet that’s more uniform in appearance. For an added touch of elegance, consider installing a luxurious wool saxony that will look beautiful and feel great under your feet!


Saxony is one of the most popular choices of home carpeting thanks to its versatility and classic looks. However, as with any carpet, there are some things to consider when deciding if it’s the right option for you. Saxony carpets are available in a range of qualities from several manufacturers. While this means there is a carpet for almost every budget, it is important to choose the right quality for your needs. For high-traffic areas in particular, be sure to balance quality and cost to get a carpet that will hold up to the demands of a busy home or room.

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