With a deep red tone, cherry hardwood is the perfect traditional hardwood flooring style for any home. At Floor Coverings International Orange County NY we want you to find the perfect, long lasting flooring for your home. Keep on reading to find out if cherry hardwood is right for you!

Appearance of Cherry Hardwoodcherry hardwood orange county

If you are looking for a traditional flooring style, cherry hardwood is the perfect option for your Orange County home. With deep red tones and dark brown streaks, cherry hardwood is absolutely beautiful. Staining can adjust the exact hue, so you can match your hardwood floors perfectly to your aesthetic. To add even more character, consider a hand-scraped style.

Durability of Cherry Hardwood

The durability of a hardwood species is determined by its ranking on the Janka Hardness Scale. With a ranking of 995, American cherry hardwood is a relatively soft species of hardwood. As a result, it is more susceptible to scuffs and scratches than other hardwood species. Even with its ranking, it still works very well in many Orange County homes. To avoid damage, we recommend avoiding installing cherry hardwood in high traffic areas of your home. An area rug also does wonders for protecting your floors.

If you have an incredibly active household, consider a hardwood species with a high Janka ranking. With a ranking of 2,350, Brazilian cherry is one of the strongest styles of flooring on the market. This exotic flooring style is a great way to obtain a durable version of the beautiful American cherry hardwood.

cherry hardwood orange countyCleaning & Maintenance

Like almost all styles of hardwood, cherry is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Regularly sweep the surface to remove debris and clean up spills to keep your hardwood in peak condition. If scratches occur, don’t worry. Every 7-10 years you should have your hardwood floors refinished. With a professional refinishing from our experts at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY your cherry hardwood floors will look like new again.

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