Middletown living room with plank hardwood flooring

Here at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY, we love helping homeowners in the greater Middletown, NY area find the perfect hardwood flooring for their needs. We partner with top manufacturers to provide you with the best quality hardwoods for your budget and design goals. Here, we discuss plank flooring—an incredibly versatile and modern design that harkens back to a centuries-old flooring tradition.

About Plank Flooring

When most people think of hardwoods, typically what comes to mind are thin pieces of wood between 2-3″ wide, known as strip wood flooring. Plank hardwood flooring is generally the term used to describe hardwood flooring that comes in 3” or greater in width. While the narrower strips are most common and often the easiest to find, plank flooring is quickly gaining in popularity, and many homeowners are discovering the great benefits it has to offer.

A Bit of Background

This style of wood flooring, that first gained popularity in North America with the American settlers of the 17th century, who used plank flooring cut from old growth trees, has really been experiencing a resurgence in the past decade.  Wider planks, even up to 12” in width, are becoming popular in residential settings. This includes reclaimed hardwoods, which involves repurposing hardwood from old buildings and having them milled and re-installed as flooring.Luxury kitchen with plank flooring

Design and Benefits

If you like the plank look, there are many options to choose from. Brands such as Shaw Hardwoods and Anderson Hardwoods, two of the biggest flooring manufacturers we partner with, both offer wide planks from a variety of species. This includes maple, cherry, and oak, and each species will provide your home with a unique look and style. For additional design options, consider having your planks hand-scraped to achieve a great timeworn feel.

Wide plank flooring can also be a cost-effective way to get unique hardwoods installed in your home. Rather than opting for exotic hardwoods like mahogany or walnut, consider wide planks from a more common variety to create visually stunning floors. You can even achieve the look of wide plank flooring from alternative materials, such as laminate or luxury vinyl plank flooring, which are great for projects on a budget!

Get Started

If you would like to explore this look and have questions about how a wide plank hardwood floor would look in your home, give the design associates at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY today. Schedule your free, in-home design consultation We will show you samples in your home and share with you their design expertise.

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