luxury home with teak flooringIn the greater Middletown, NY area, teak is an exotic species of hardwood flooring that is growing in popularity thanks to its rich visual appeal and durability. At Floor Coverings International Orange County NY we’re dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect hardwood floors for their needs. Read on as we explore teak flooring and what you should know about it when deciding if it’s right for your home.

About Teak

Teak is a genus of hardwood trees in the mint family and is native to Southeast Asia. Teak flooring is generally medium to dark brown in color with distinctive grain and texture. It’s a highly dense hardwood that’s very strong and will provide your home with many years of durable flooring. Brazilian teak ranks an impressive 3,540 on the Janka hardness scale, making it one of the strongest hardwood flooring options available, second to Brazilian Walnut (known as Ipe).

Benefits of Teak

Aside from its strength and durability, teak’s natural oils create an attractive sheen and simultaneously repel termites and other indoor pests. Thanks to its high oil content, teak naturally repels water and is one of the few hardwood options considered to be resistant to mold and mildew. This also means you won’t have to worry about your beautiful teak planks expanding or warping with changes in humidity.

Like most hardwood species available to Middletown homeowners today, teak is available in a variety of designs. Aside from solid teak planks, you can also find teak flooring as an engineered hardwood. These planks give you a surface layer of natural teak glued onto a durable fiberboard base layer, which can help reduce the cost of your project.

upclose view of teak wood grain


Because it’s an exotic hardwood, teak tends to be on the more expensive end of the hardwood flooring spectrum. While many teak flooring options are available, teak grown domestically can help reduce the overall cost due to the lack of shipping costs. Some species of teak are endangered, so it’s important to ensure proper sourcing. Luckily, at Floor Coverings International, we make sure your teak hardwood comes from a source that’s certified with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Learn More

When you’re ready to explore the possibility of having teak or other exotic hardwoods installed in your home, get in touch with your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY to schedule your free design consultation. We’re proud to serve the greater Orange County, Middletown, Goshen, and Warwick with a great flooring selection, expert advice, and professional installation.

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