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Oak is one of the most popular hardwood species in the United States because it is affordable, durable, and can be stained many different colors. Over 50% of all the hardwood flooring available today is an oak species. There are two types of oak to pick from, red and white oak.

About White Oak

White oak hardwood has a consistent light to charcoal-grey hue. Depending on how the wood is sawed, white oak can have a straight grain or flecks similar to those seen in Mission style furniture. It can then be stained or simply finished with clear varnish to reveal its natural coloration. The finish color that you choose for your oak flooring will make a big impact on the overall look of the room in which it is installed. Your design associate at Floor Coverings International Orange County NY will look at the décor, the color choices, and many other factors in giving you their final product recommendations.

White oak ranks high on the Janka hardness scale, coming in at 1360. This means that it will hold well to everyday wear and tear without feeling too hard underfoot. White oak is perfect for areas of the home with high volumes of foot traffic.

Oak is one of the top choices for homeowners who want hardwood and also want to install something with less impact on the environment. White oak is native to the Unites States and is sustainably harvested. This means that carbon emissions from shipping flooring materials overseas are avoided.

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Photo Credit: Artazum