Orange County cork flooring When it comes to alternative flooring options, cork flooring has a lot to offer to homeowners in Orange County, NY. Not only is it an eco-friendly flooring option, it’s highly versatile and looks great! At Floor Coverings International Orange County NY, we’re all about helping our customers find the perfect flooring for their needs. Read below as we discuss the reasons why we love natural cork flooring!


One of the greatest benefits of cork flooring is its sustainability. For environmentally-conscientious homeowners, cork flooring is something you should consider for its sustainable harvesting practices. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, which can be harvested every 8-9 years without harming or cutting down the tree. The cork tree can easily live for over 200 years! The material itself contains tiny air pockets that give the flooring insulating benefits that help regulate the temperature of your home, and can even reduce the cost of your electric bill.   Orange County cork flooring


Cork is available in a wide range of tans and browns, with different flecks and swirls of color that create a truly unique flooring. Homeowners that love the look of natural wood love the warmth cork provides, as well as the individuality that cork brings to their home. Cork flooring also takes stains really well, giving you even more flexibility in your home’s design. Even though it’s softer than some materials, cork’s durability allows it to be installed in almost any room of your home.

Additional Benefits

  • Cork’s insulating properties make it any excellent choice for below-grade basements and will keep your feet warm in the fall and winter.
    • These insulating properties also help reduce sound travel through floors!
  • Cork provides more cushion underfoot than solid hardwoods and rebounds after an impact — a great feature for homes with young children.
  • Cork flooring’s surface is less slippery than other materials, such as tile or some hardwood finishes.
  • With a proper finish and sealant, cork can even be installed in bathrooms and powder rooms.

Learn More

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Photos © Elena Elisseeva, Vladislav Lyutov