Children's playroom with rubber floor, tables, and toys in Orange County

Rubber isn’t just for tires and boots! Rubber’s unique benefits make it a perfect flooring choice for both homes and commercial spaces — especially for specialized rooms. 

Rubber is a solid, elastic material. Natural rubber is made from natural latex, but rubber can also be created synthetically.

There are many styles of rubber flooring. Solid-colored rubber floors are often found in garages and home gyms. For spaces that work best with a more natural look, rubber floors are also available in styles like stone and marble. Matte finishes, polished finishes, dimpled tiles, and speckled tiles are other rubber flooring options that can be fit to your unique space.

Rubber Flooring Benefits

  • Soft — Thanks to its elastic qualities, rubber is a comfortable flooring option that your feet and tumble-prone children will thank you for. 
  • Durable — Rubber floors are hardy and tough. Dropped weight plates, energetic kids, and even the fiercest of footsteps will not damage rubber flooring.
  • Quiet — Rubber flooring naturally absorbs sound, keeping your home or commercial space more peaceful.
  • Slip-resistant — Rubber floors are easier and safer to walk on due to the extra grip provided by the material.
  • Water-resistant — Rubber flooring will not absorb water and is not at risk for mold or water damage. 
  • Chemical-resistant — Often found in industrial spaces, rubber can be exposed to a range of harsh chemicals without corroding or becoming damaged.
  • Eco-friendly — Rubber is recyclable! Rubber floors can be used to create something else once they’ve run their course as flooring. (But because rubber is so durable, it’ll be a while until you’d need to replace your floors!)

Revamp a Room with Rubber

Home gym with floor length window and rubber flooring in Orange County

Rubber flooring proves that utility and aesthetics do not have to be mutually exclusive. A perfect fit for anything from bathroom to playroom to home gym, rubber floors offer safety and cleanliness in a wide range of visual styles. 

Floor Coverings International Orange County NY is excited to partner with you to meet any of your flooring needs. Whether you are simply researching your options or are ready to build yourself a rubber castle, scheduling a free in-home consultation is the best first step. 

One of our flooring professionals will be able to answer questions, provide a service estimate, and offer suggestions for rubber (or other) flooring that works best with your unique home. Call or sign up online today! We are proud to serve Orange County, Middletown, Goshen, and Warwick and the surrounding areas.

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